Take your acting to the next level; Learn from a pro!

Memorization, Pronunciation, Movement, Partner work, projection, and more

Monday and Wednesday 2:00pm-8:00pm

Online & In Person

David de Roach

Drawing Teacher

David De Roach is a photographer with experience in life drawing, etching and printing.
David will be holding life drawing classes for people of all skills.

Hélène Dunlop

Children Theatre Class

Theatre: She worked with award winners directors, from Diane in “Black rock: to “attempts on her life” as well as improv shows and being finalist at the CAT with her own writing with “Mrs Bin”
Training: Ongoing acting and writing training with the wonderful Kristy Sexton as well as workshops with casting directors and award winners directors
Screens: After more than 15 short films and some Independent features Helene got to be part of some amazing projects!!!