Meet Fafa,

Faezeh Alavi is an Iranian filmmaker and actress, Faezeh gained her bachelor’s degree in Theatre Directing at Sooreh Art University and an interdisciplinary Master of Arts in puppet theatre and surreal drama in cinema at the Art University of Tehran. Faezeh arrived in Melbourne, Australia in 2016 to pursue her career in filmmaking. Faezeh has performed in over 20 theatre productions, 3 television series, 8 short films and 4 feature films. Faezeh has also directed 7 short films, two of which won awards from Greenmefilmfestival, Greenfestival, Veterans film festival and the Aswara film festival in 2016. Her stories deal mostly with women and human rights in a surreal manner and depict the dark side of the human character. Faezeh is also an actress, painter, human and animal rights activist. She recently received critical acclaim for her lead acting role in ‘Tennessine’ screened at the 2023 Sydney Film Festival.

Dr. Sirous Ahmadi

Executive Producer

Dr. Sirous Ahmadi is an Australian-Iranian businessman, researcher, film executive producer and athlete. He was the executive producer of the movie TO, directed by Faezeh Alavi. In addition, he co-founded Alavi Productions along with Faezah.